All About Fire Proof Safes

Investing in reliable fire proof safes is a very wise idea for protecting important business documents and other valuables. The safes come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. When buying the fire proof safes, you need to look at their tolerance abilities and temperature ratings.

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The fire proof safes protect your valuables and important documents since they can withstand higher temperatures for a significant time period. This gives the firefighters ample time to retrieve the valuable assets without causing any damage.

The fire proof safes are made of multiple layers of different types of insulating materials like asbestos, concrete, and ceramic fiber. These multiple layers of insulators provide a great amount of protection from higher outside temperature.

The safes are placed in different classes depending on their capacity to withstand extreme temperatures for different periods of time before melting, breaking down or compromising their contents.

There are two types of fireproof safe in the market: those that store paper documents and those that store computer media and data. It is very important to know what you will be storing to give you a better idea of the type of safe you need.

For example, computer media and data require safes with a UL rating of 125 or 72. UL rating stands for Underwriter’s Laboratory rating. For the above case, for example, the UL rating means that the internal safe temperature will not go above 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit will make the computer media and data melt. You should never use a safe fire rated for papers to store your computer media and data as they will melt. Ensure that you choose a safe that is “UL listed” and not one that is “tested to UL standards”. You can check out more information at best gun safe review that will go over portability and durability.

Fire proof safes usually go through hard impact tests which test the strength and endurance of the basic materials used to make the safes. This is what makes the safes the reliable places to store valuables. Invest in these safes if you want a strong fire protection for your most important valuables.